How to create a share on Nohô and earn money?


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Dia Mardi 07 Mai 2024 às 15:10

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Sharing on Nohô saves you money. Post your ad on Nohô and agree to share your passion or your cooking and drinking skills with people interested in your talents. It’s simple and you don’t have to change anything in your daily life. Explanations.

What is sharing on the Nohô app?

Do you love cooking, wine tasting or creating cocktails, for example? Many people want to discover your profession, your knowledge, your skills or your know-how. Suggest that they come and meet you for 1 hour or more, and share with them your enthusiasm for the Food and Drink worlds. To get in touch with these people, all you need to do is download the Nohô app and post an ad.

What are the shares that you can post on Nohô?

These can be a wide variety of skills. You can offer a walk in the vineyards of your region, show the stages of bread making, cook an original recipe step by step, invite you to discover the hidden and underground bars of your city … All ideas are welcome, the only limit is your imagination. There are therefore many possibilities for sharing in the Food and Drink area. Obviously in all cases, you must respect the general conditions and values ​​of Nohô.

How to publish your sharing ad on Nohô?

Registration on the Nohô site or app is very simple and free. From the host page, you offer a sharing related to your personal, professional, associative, sporting life … Be clear and descriptive. Explain why you think you are familiar with this area. This is very easy, because Nohô helps you insert the right information step by step. Then you choose the duration of the meeting, one hour or more. To highlight your text, add photos that illustrate your sharing. It’s more telling. Remember: a great ad is attractive and prompts you to book.

Why is it easy to organize a Nohô share?

People who book a Nohô sharing wish to meet you in your daily life. It is your passion, and the authenticity of that passion, that attracts them. They don’t want you to change your everyday life for them. You therefore have nothing to organize, but only to live as usual your passion, your know-how, your expertise … Suggest, for example, to observe a stage of your day: how you knead the bread, how you produce your wine, how you create cocktails, how you cook a regional recipe …

How to earn money by offering a share on Nohô?

You earn money with every booking. The amount of this compensation is always 25 €. The money is transferred directly to your account within 24 to 48 hours after the end of your sharing, net of Nohô connection costs.

To remember

  • If you have a passion, knowledge, skill or know-how, share it with interested people by agreeing to meet them for an hour or more.
  • The Nohô application puts you in touch with people who want to meet you to live your passion with you.
  • You earn money with every booking. The amount of this compensation is 25 €, after deduction of the costs of establishing contact with Nohô.

da Nohô

Dia Mardi 07 Mai 2024 às 15:10

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